Tiled Tutorial

How to use the Tiled map editor with GameLib

Tiled editor

Tiled editor can be downloaded from Github. Linux users can use the AppImage version, which can be run after setting executable flag to downloaded file.

Detailed tutorials for Tiled editor's features can be found in official documentation.

Integration with GameLib

In GameLib, support for Tiled maps is implemented in SceneMap implementation TiledSceneMap.

Special layers

The implementation recognizes three special layers:

  • actors - object layer with objects defining name, type and rectangle (starting position) of an actor.
  • markers - object layer with objects defining name and rectangle of markers in the scene.
  • walls - tile layer, in which filled tiles define walls in the scene.

All other layers (e.g., tile layer named background) are displayed as defined in map file.

Map properties

When creating a new map, use these properties:

  • orientation: orthogonal
  • tile layer format: Base64 compressed
  • tile render order: right down

Tile size should be set to 16x16.