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A SequenceContainer is a Container that stores objects of the same type in a linear arrangement.


[edit] Requirements


X Container type
T Element type
a, b Objects of type X
t Object of type T
n Positive integer
i, j InputIterators denoting a valid range
il std::initializer_list<T>
args Parameter pack
p, q const_iterators in a

expression return type effects precondition postcondition
X(n,t) Constructs a SequenceContainer containing n copies of t T CopyInsertable std::distance(begin(),end()) == n
X(i,j) Constructs a SequenceContainer equivalent to the range [i,j) std::distance(begin(),end()) ==


X(il) X(il.begin(),il.end())
a = il X& Assigns the range represented by il into a T CopyInsertable and CopyAssignable Existing elements of a are destroyed or assigned to
a.emplace(p,args) iterator Insert an object constructed with std::forward<Args>(args) before p
a.insert(p,t) iterator Inserts a copy of t before p
a.insert(p,n,t) iterator Inserts n copies of t before p T CopyInsertable and CopyAssignable
a.insert(p,i,j) iterator Inserts copies of elements in [i, j) before p Each iterator in [i,j) is dereferenced once
a.insert(p, il) iterator a.insert(p,il.begin(),il.end())
a.erase(q) iterator Erases the element pointed to by q (std::deque, std::vector) T MoveAssignable
a.erase(p,q) iterator Erases elements in [p,q) (std::deque, std::vector) T MoveAssignable
a.clear() void Destroys all elements in a
  • All references are invalidated
  • a.empty() == true
a.assign(i,j) void Replaces elements in a with a copy of [i, j) Each iterator in [i,j) is dereferenced once
a.assign(il) void a.assign(il.begin(),il.end())
a.assign(n,t) void Replaces elements in a with n copies of t T CopyInsertable and CopyAssignable

[edit] Optional Operations

[edit] SequenceContainers in the standard library

(since C++11)
static contiguous array
(class template)
dynamic contiguous array
(class template)
double-ended queue
(class template)
(since C++11)
singly-linked list
(class template)
doubly-linked list
(class template)

[edit] Trade-offs / usage notes

std::array Fast access but fixed number of elements
std::vector Fast access but mostly inefficient insertions/deletions
Efficient insertion/deletion in the middle of the sequence
std::deque Efficient insertion/deletion at the beginning and at the end of the sequence