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An InputIterator is an Iterator that can read from the pointed-to element. InputIterators only guarantee validity for single pass algorithms: once an InputIterator i has been incremented, all copies of its previous value may be invalidated.

[edit] Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, for a type It to be an InputIterator, instances i and j of It must:

Expression Return Equivalent expression Notes
i != j contextually convertible to bool !(i == j) Precondition: (i, j) is in the domain of ==.
*i convertible to value_type If i == j and (i, j) is in the domain of == then this is equivalent to *j.

Precondition: i is dereferenceable.

The expression (void)*i, *i is equivalent to *i.

i->m (*i).m Precondition: i is dereferenceable.
++i It&

Precondition: i is dereferenceable.

Postcondition: i is dereferenceable or i is past-the-end.

Postcondition: Any copies of the previous value of i are no longer required to be either dereferenceable or to be in the domain of ==.

(void)i++ (void)++i
*i++ convertible to value_type value_type x = *i;


return x;

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