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Specifies that the type is POD (Plain Old Data) type. This means the type is compatible with the types used in the C programming language, can be manipulated using C library functions: it can be created with std::malloc, it can be copied with std::memmove, etc, and can be exchanged with C libraries directly, in its binary form.

Note, that the standard doesn't define a named requirement or concept with this name. This is a type category defined by the core language. It is included here as concept only for consistency.

[edit] Requirements


Or a class type (class or struct or union) that is

  • an AggregateType
  • has no non-static members that are non-POD
  • has no members of reference type
  • has no user-defined copy constructor
  • has no user-defined destructor
(until C++11)
(since C++11)

Or an array of such type

[edit] See also

checks if a type is plain-old data (POD) type
(class template)