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Defined in header <stdio.h>
int fgetc( FILE *stream );
int getc( FILE *stream );

Reads the next character from the given input stream. getc() may be implemented as a macro.


[edit] Parameters

stream - to read the character from

[edit] Return value

The obtained character on success or EOF on failure.

If the failure has been caused by end-of-file condition, additionally sets the eof indicator (see feof()) on stream. If the failure has been caused by some other error, sets the error indicator (see ferror()) on stream.

[edit] Example

fgetc with error checking

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main(void)
    FILE* tmpf = tmpfile();
    fputs("abcde\n", tmpf);
    int ch;
    while ((ch=fgetc(tmpf)) != EOF)   /* read/print characters including newline */
          printf("%c", ch);
    /* Test reason for reaching EOF. */
    if (feof(tmpf))          /* if failure caused by end-of-file condition */
       puts("End of file reached");
    else if (ferror(tmpf))   /* if failure caused by some other error      */
            fprintf(stderr,"fgetc() failed in file %s at line # %d\n", __FILE__,__LINE__-9);
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;


End of file reached

[edit] See also

(until C11)
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