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complex<T>& operator+=( const T& other );
complex<T>& operator+=( const complex<T>& other );
complex<T>& operator-=( const T& other );
complex<T>& operator-=( const complex<T>& other );
complex<T>& operator*=( const T& other );
complex<T>& operator*=( const complex<T>& other );
complex<T>& operator/=( const T& other );
complex<T>& operator/=( const complex<T>& other );

Implements the compound assignment operators for complex arithmetic and for mixed complex/scalar arithmetic. Scalar arguments are treated as complex numbers with the real part equal to the argument and the imaginary part set to zero.

1-2) Adds other to *this.
3-4) Subtracts other from *this.
5-6) Multiplies *this by other.
7-8) Divides *this by other.

[edit] Parameters

other - a complex or scalar value of matching type (float, double, long double)

[edit] Return value


[edit] See also

applies unary operators to complex numbers
(function template)
performs complex number arithmetics on two complex values or a complex and a scalar
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