fegetexceptflag, fesetexceptflag

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Defined in header <<fenv.h>>
int fegetexceptflag( fexcept_t* flagp, int excepts );
(1) (since C99)
int fesetexceptflag( const fexcept_t* flagp, int excepts );
(2) (since C99)

1) Attempts to obtain the full contents of the floating-point exception flags that are listed in the bitmask argument excepts, which is a bitwise OR of the floating point exception macros.

2) Attempts to copy the full contents of the floating-point exception flags that are listed in excepts from flagp into the floating-point environment. Does not raise any exceptions, only modifies the flags.

The full contents of a floating-point exception flag is not necessarily a boolean value indicating whether the exception is raised or cleared. For example, it may be a struct which includes the boolean status and the address of the code that triggered the exception. These functions obtain all such content and obtain/store it in flagp in implementation-defined format.


[edit] Parameters

flagp - pointer to an fexcept_t object where the flags will be stored or read from
excepts - bitmask listing the exception flags to get/set

[edit] Return value

0 on success, non-zero otherwise.

[edit] Example

#include <stdio.h>
#include <fenv.h>
void show_fe_exceptions(void)
    printf("current exceptions raised: ");
    if(fetestexcept(FE_DIVBYZERO))     printf(" FE_DIVBYZERO");
    if(fetestexcept(FE_INEXACT))       printf(" FE_INEXACT");
    if(fetestexcept(FE_INVALID))       printf(" FE_INVALID");
    if(fetestexcept(FE_OVERFLOW))      printf(" FE_OVERFLOW");
    if(fetestexcept(FE_UNDERFLOW))     printf(" FE_UNDERFLOW");
    if(fetestexcept(FE_ALL_EXCEPT)==0) printf(" none");
int main(void)
    fexcept_t excepts;
    /* Setup a "current" set of exception flags. */
    /* Save current exception flags. */
    /* Temporarily raise two other exceptions. */
    feraiseexcept(FE_OVERFLOW | FE_INEXACT);
    /* Restore previous exception flags. */
    return 0;


current exceptions raised: FE_INVALID
current exceptions raised: FE_INEXACT FE_OVERFLOW
current exceptions raised: FE_INVALID

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